Mirrors - Made from Hotel Utah door casing
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For 76 years the Hotel Utah presided as 'the Grande Dame of Hotels' in the intermountain west.  Located at the corner of Main Street and South Temple in Salt Lake City, the hotel opened for business on June 9, 1911 and ceased operations as a hotel in August 1987.  The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 3, 1978.
These mirror frames were made from door casing that was removed from the hotel after it closed in 1987.  Over the years, the mahogany wood casing was painted several times in white and various pastel colors.   When these frames were made the flaking paint was sanded smooth to reveal samples of the several layers of  paint the wood has received over the years.  One of the frames has a new, dark finish coat, while the remaining two frames have been left au natural.

This is truly a chance to  ADD SOME HISTORY TO YOUR HOME!  
Outside Dimensions - 16"w x 18"h
Mirror Dimensions - 7"w x 9"h

                                  $ 115
Outside Dimensions - 16"w x 16"h
Mirror Dimensions - 7"w x 7" h

                                  $ 95
Outside Dimensions - 20"w x 20"h
Mirror Dimensions - 11"w x 11"h

                                  $ 115